Testosterone Treatments, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Getting testosterone treatment is relatively easy. Once you have decided that you will get this kind of treatment, all you need to do is to learn more about the different types of treatment available. If you receive this treatment correctly, it is possible to bring back your testosterone levels to the normal range and reverse the symptoms of low T. However, you should make sure that the treatments you used are prescribed by your physician for your safety.

If you are worried about the cost, you should know that it is available at a reasonable price. You will even be given a schedule and the proper dosage for your treatment. Take note that it is a long term treatment and you might need to wait for several months before you see results.

Before taking the treatment, you should be aware that the recommendations of health professionals are only to take your T level in the middle of the normal range.

What are the different testosterone treatments?

There are different formulations available in the market today which include the following:

  • Long-Acting Injection Therapy

This treatment is administered every three months after the initial loading.


  • Fewer side effects like blood changes or mood swings
  • No troughs and peaks during the day
  • Enable you to have a steady T level
  • Infrequent dosing
  • The treatment is directly absorbed by the bloodstream


  • can sometimes have abscess formation
  • pain from injection
  • Depot Injection Therapy

This treatment is given intramuscularly every 1 to 4 weeks and is usually administered on a man’s buttocks.


  • The testosterone is easily absorbed in the bloodstream


  • Abscess formation
  • Pain from injection
  • Roller coaster effect on mood and emotions as T level rise and fall
  • Initially high levels of testosterone that eventually fluctuates
  • Regular intramuscular injection is required
  • Implant Therapy

This treatment is intramuscularly administered every three months after the initial shot that stabilizes the T levels.


  • Less frequent dosing – sometimes it can be only twice a year
  • The pellets are slowly absorbed so the T levels can remain stable for at least 6 months


  • Pellet removal leaves scars
  • A pellet is expelled by the body occasionally
  • Requires minor surgical procedure and special equipment
  • Pellet insertion can be painful and might cause infection
  • Gels

Testosterone gel treatments are administered by rubbing the gel on the back, shoulders, and chest once a day. The gel dries after several minutes and it helps the skin release testosterone to the bloodstream for 24 hours.


  • No operation is necessary
  • Less skin irritations
  • Helps you achieve stable testosterone blood levels throughout the day
  • Fast normalization of T levels
  • Convenience in application


  • The gel can be transferred to the child or partner
  • can have side effects like skin irritation

Those are the common T treatments that are available today. If you want to know more about these treatments, you can check this website.

Having low testosterone levels can exhibit unwanted symptoms that can be a nightmare for the male specie. Luckily, there is a good site to buy testosterone online to help you stabilize your T levels.

Useful Tips on How to Purchase the Real Testosterone Injections Online

Not all cases of low testosterone level require testosterone replacement therapy; for men who are experiencing low levels of testosterone due to aging, alcohol abuse, and unhealthy lifestyle can be resolved with other testosterone boosting approaches including lifestyle change and supplementation.

Testosterone replacement therapy may include administration of testosterone gel or injection, but the widely recommended is the latter.

Even though testosterone replacement therapy can also be used by men who are dreadfully experiencing various health problems caused by low levels of testosterone production that is related to aging, testosterone replacement therapy (specifically testosterone injection) isn’t always recommended by the experts due to possible irreversible side-effects.

Don’t get it wrong; testosterone injections are safe to use. However, if the drug is abused or misused, it could lead to the following serious and irreversible health problems:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Coughing up blood
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Painful when urinating
  • Gastrointestinal pain
  • Seizure
  • Blurred vision
  • Temporary blindness
  • Heat problem
  • Liver problem

There are more possible causes of inappropriate use of testosterone injections; reasons why it is always recommended that to consult the physician before purchasing testosterone online, which is also found here.

How to purchase real testosterone injections online?

Another reason why you need to consult your local physician before purchasing a few vials of testosterone injections online is to avoid fake and dangerous testosterone injections online, which is potentially harmful to health.

If you are planning to purchase the real and safe testosterone injection online you have to follow these useful tips:

#1: Consult your physician

As always being pointed out, it is highly recommended to consult your physician if you are dealing with low T or low testosterone levels; this is to ensure that you are getting the right approach when boosting the testosterone production.

Additionally, by consulting your physician you’ll be able to know how the testosterone injection should be administered, as well as, the dosage.

Technically, physicians are the ones to perform the intramuscular injection of testosterone at the gluteus area or the upper thigh muscles, but they can also teach their patients how to administer testosterone through injection; found here is a reliable and safe testosterone injection that you could use as an option.

#2: Buy testosterone injections at a reliable online distributor

To make sure that you are using a safe and reliable product, it is highly recommended to buy them from a reliable distributor online; for instance, Elite HRT.

Unlike other companies, Elite HRT understands the importance of their patient’s knowledge about testosterone replacement therapy (specifically testosterone injections) where it has a huge impact on the improvement of testosterone production. Get more info about testosterone injections.

As a result, the company had set a flow on how to purchase real testosterone injections through their website; here’s the link if you are planning to purchase a testosterone injection online.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone injection is indeed useful; however, the medication should be used appropriately to avoid serious health problems.